The 4 Benefits Of Using A Well-Written Sample Of Essay

Essay writing is one task most students would like to avoid if they have the opportunity. But as long as one remains a student, it is not possible because it is a vital part of the learning process. Writing involves research, and during the process, students get to read extensively to gain knowledge. Here are benefits of using samples to write your paper.

  1. How to write a superb introduction
  2. Your introduction should be outstanding and impress readers. It also helps readers to judge the entire paper. However, there are ways you can make the introductory part of your essay more captivating. Introduce a hook to grab the attention of your readers and make your paper interesting.

    You can learn how to draft a superb introduction from essay examples. You will learn more about hooks, and more on how to write concise but powerful introductions as you read through samples.

  3. Topic selection
  4. Topic selection is a difficult task which could be more of a challenge if you are writing an argumentative essay. The main thing is to draft a decent essay. But to achieve this, you need to choose the right topic. You must be able to convince readers to accept your points. Here is how to choose the right topic for your paper.


    • Write on something you know; you can choose a topic you are familiar with or one you have interest in.
    • Make a list of more than one argumentative essay topics and choose from the list.
    • Choose a topic that is specific. Remember you are writing an argumentative paper, so there is no need for something that is super broad such as, “why is poverty rampant in developing nations?”Instead, narrow it down to a specific country.
    • Choose an interesting topic that will appeal to the emotions of readers.
  5. Improve your knowledge in writing
  6. Samples can help you learn how to write an essay in many ways. They will improve your knowledge of how to cite sources, make each paragraph engaging and know more about the formatting style you are using. Your major focus should be to get a well-written sample. Find out if the paper was written by a professional in that field.

  7. Identify a good research paper helper
  8. It is not easy to find an essay helper like UsEssayWriters because there are tons of paper writers online. But for someone who is desperate to find the best, a sample can help you make the right decision. You might get a free or paid sample. And it could also be on your main topic according to your request.


Samples are mostly written by professionals to help intended essay writers to improve their writing skills. You will find a myriad of essay topics as samples that might even be related to your main topic. There are many ways you can benefit from using paper examples to write your paper. You can also discover the areas you need to improve through samples.