Essay On environment: A Student Can Never Run Out Of Topics

Since we have come face to face with the threat of global warming, we have understood that our failure to harness our environment can prove really harmful. We know that we cannot underestimate the importance of man-environment bond. Why only global warming and pollution? Food security, threats to biodiversity and deforestation are also problems we cannot overlook. When college students are asked to write an essay on environment, they have got a lot to choose from.

Global warming remains a hot topic of discussion

Of course, global warming is an ever boiling topic. We know how the temperature of the earth is rising every year. As a result, glaciers are melting and water levels are constantly increasing. The rise may not be easily evident but soon there will be a major threat of inundation not many countries will be able to prevent. A save environment essay can be written on this topic provided that the student is ready to research thoroughly. While it is tough to write anything more than general within two pages, it may be useful to add data and statistics to make your stance clearer. After all, you are looking to inform and impress the reader.

Environment essay on reducing carbon footprint

“Need to reduce carbon footprint” is another essay worth writing about. Our failure to keep a curb on environmental pollution may result in complete depletion of ozone layer. When that happens, earth will be forced to absorb more ozone than it can afford. Naturally, living creatures will be affected very badly. A student can choose to write a pollution essay from many viewpoints. One topic can be types of pollution and how they are affecting the environment. Another topic can be- best way of coping with environmental pollution.

Solar power can open an endless debate

A student can also write about solar power and how it is a great help to the environment. Of course, the essay will only be fetching if you talk deeply about the topic. One can write on the need to generate solar power, optimum capacity, how the power can be run through grids, feed-in-tariff programs and also about harvesting solar power on the rooftops.

Food security is an interesting topic

Another interesting topic can be food security. A Student can research on arable land, water availability, active farming, equal distribution and civilized consumption of food. A student will also need to write about balance of nature and the need to conserve plant species in national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Green revolution can also be talked about. This may include environmental sensitivity, biodiversity and need for water management. So you see! A single topic of food security can give rise to so many sub-topics. It is the same with so many other topics about environmental essays.

Wide range of meaningful topics available

A student can create a college application on untapped resources of energy (geothermal energy for example), impact of deforestation, causes and symptoms of land degradation, endangered species of animals, possible effect of nuclear hazards, and sustainability of water resources. Clearly, there is a wide range of topics to choose from.

Environmental essays may look like formal topics and you cannot draw from your personal memory. However, if you are ready to research, there is so much meaningful that you can write about and you are never far from writing a really impressive piece.